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edible treatment comes into Korea next month, we will have one more shield against the corona virus. However, if the spread of Omicron mutation is faster, the amount we have secured may not be enough, so we need to think about other treatments together.

Medical reporter Cho Dong-chan covered the plan the government is considering.


Specialist Yoon Joong was diagnosed with Corona on the 16th.

[Wheel load / professional (Corona 19 of treatment): When I the simple test kit will now take place in our hospital tests came out positive I could not get out to health centers outside of the people in the day the house was corona inspection and diagnosis;

hypertension I was taking medication, but I was in my early 40s and was in good health, so I thought I would get sick, but I even received treatment in the intensive care unit for a week.

[Yoonjung / Specialist (Corona 19 treatment): I was doing treatment by raising the oxygen partial pressure to 50 degrees. I was treated until just before I was put on a ventilator, but after living for 40 years or so, I wondered if my life would end like this.]

Medications that are eaten are used for high-risk groups, that is, those over 65 and those with heart and lung diseases, and those with liver or kidney disease. You have to decide carefully.

Even if you are young, if you are obese or smoke, it can worsen suddenly, so you can prescribe it at your doctor's discretion.

The problem isn't for severely ill patients, it's a drug that needs to be taken before symptoms worsen to the point of requiring oxygen treatment within 3 days of onset, so it may be prescribed to more people than expected.

It is said that there may be a shortage of 20,000 people in early January of next year, but if Omicron spreads rapidly, it may be even more short.

Therefore, there is a discussion about expanding the injection drug remdesivir, which is used only for severe patients, to mild patients.

Remdesivir, like an oral medication, inhibits the growth of the virus.

The US National Institutes of Health said that the effectiveness of the antibody treatment on Omicron could be greatly reduced. Instead, remdesivir was used for 3 days in mild patients, and the progression to severe symptoms was lowered, and it is expected that Omicron will also be effective.

An official from the Korea Centers for Disease Control and Prevention said that they are actively considering using remdesivir even for mild patients in preparation for Omicron.

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