We told you about it at the beginning of December, the release of Windows 11 is not going smoothly.

Among the many bugs that still plague this young operating system, SSD speed issues quickly manifested themselves.

The affected SSDs all appeared to be NVMe SSDs, a data storage and transport protocol designed for flash drives and SSDs.

The problems encountered varied between SSD models, but many users shared common experiences with a drop in their writing and reading speed compared to Windows 10. This drop could in some cases be as low as 80% of performance. usual.

The problem had been present since the release of Windows 11, but had not yet been corrected by Microsoft.

A much anticipated patch

The latest operating system update should, however, correct the problems encountered by SSDs.

The build KB5008215, deployed during the last Patch Tuesday of 2021, brings resolutions to these issues.

SSDs on which Windows 11 is installed should therefore no longer suffer from slowdowns.

Despite this good news, users continue to complain about the slowdown, especially on Reddit.

It will therefore be necessary to wait a few days to determine if the problems have indeed been fixed or if other patches will be necessary.


Windows 11: Microsoft's new operating system impacts the performance of some SSD hard drives


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