Today (23rd), the sixth day since the 'social distancing' measure was implemented, the number of new confirmed cases of Corona 19 in Korea reached 7,000.

The number of critically ill patients also broke the highest level since yesterday, and the death toll surpassed 100 for the first time, the highest number.

The Central Quarantine Countermeasures Headquarters announced that as of 00:00 today, there were 6,919 new confirmed cases, bringing the total number of confirmed cases to 589,978.

The number of new confirmed cases fell below 7,000, 537 fewer than yesterday (7,456).

Compared to 7,619 people on the 16th a week ago, 700 fewer people.

From the 18th, the 'step-by-step recovery of daily life' was suspended and 'social distancing' was implemented, and the strengthening of quarantine measures seems to have had an impact.

However, as the number of new confirmed cases of 5,000 to 7,000 continues, the scale of damage is increasing.

The number of seriously ill patients was 1,83, an increase of 20 from yesterday (1,63).

The number of severe cases today is the highest in 703 days since the outbreak of Corona 19 in Korea on January 20 last year.

Yesterday's death toll was 109, which was also the highest number since the COVID-19 outbreak in Korea.

This is the first time the daily death toll has exceeded 100.

The previous high was 94 on the 14th, and the highest number of deaths occurred again in 9 days.

As a result, the cumulative number of COVID-19 deaths in Korea has risen to 5,15, exceeding 5,000.

The average fatality rate is 0.85%.

The number of infected people with Omicron mutation also increased by 12, bringing the total to 246.

(Photo = Yonhap News)