Toyota reveals an electric car model derived from the legend “FJ”

The Compact Cruiser EV came with tires equipped to handle rough terrain.

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Toyota has unveiled a miniature test model called the Compact Cruiser EV, powered by electric motors, and its design lines are derived from the current Toyota off-road legend (FJ).

The Japanese company stated, during the unveiling conference of the Compact Cruiser EV, which was held in Japan, that it will invest $70 million between 2022 and 2030, in the sector of electric, plug-in hybrid and fuel cell vehicles, with half of the This investment is for all-electric vehicles.

Toyota aims, through its new test model, to enhance its presence in the sector of adventure and off-road vehicles, and draws its power on environmentally friendly electric motors, in a sector that is witnessing an accelerating growth in the automotive industry, especially by major American companies, with the size of Ford and Jeep.

The Compact Cruiser EV comes with tires equipped to deal with rugged terrain, a side design similar to the concept of "American muscle cars", in addition to a front that is similar in its features to those currently found with the famous "FJ" model, but with front and rear lights working with "LED" technologies. The lights, the exterior body finishes rich in different colors, and special components in the rear section give the car more aerodynamic solutions.

Although Toyota did not give extensive data on battery performance data and the power of electric motors, or until the date of the entry of the Compact Cruiser EV into commercial production, international sites specialized in the automotive world, including the British “Car and Drive”, confirmed in Its reports that the car will reach the market by 2024.