Good news for WhatsApp users.

The application now allows you to listen to voice messages before sending them, reports

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These messages were previously sent directly to the recipient when the record button was released by the user.

Now a preview feature has been added, as announced by WhatsApp on Twitter.

They're not mistakes, they're rehearsals.

Now you can preview your voice messages before you hit send.

- WhatsApp (@WhatsApp) December 14, 2021

Unsatisfied ?

The message can be deleted

No more mistakes or blunders then.

Everyone can now check the content of the message before sending it.

To do this, just press and slide the microphone upwards, allowing hands-free recording to be locked.

When the message is ready, you must press stop, before clicking on play to be able to hear it.

If you are not satisfied, the content can be deleted using the recycle bin, otherwise you can send it to the recipient by pressing send.

The feature has been rolled out to Android and iOS in recent weeks, says




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