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court decision has been made to defer the determination of the correct answer to the question of life science 2 in the science research area of ​​the SAT exam, which was controversial. The evaluator is discussing how to notify students who have taken this course.

Correspondent Kim Kyung-hee.

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afternoon of the 9th, the Seoul Administrative Court accepted the application for suspension of execution of the correct answer decision for the 20th question of Life Science II, which caused a controversy in the SAT test for the 2022 school year. 

Accordingly, the determination of the correct answer to this question will be deferred until a judgment on the merits is made. 

As a result of analysis of the CSAT scores by the Korea Education Evaluation Institute, it was found that this year's CSAT was very difficult in Korean, math, and English. 

The standard score, which shows the difference between a test taker's raw score and the average grade, rises when the test is difficult, but both Korean and math are significantly higher. 

The highest standard score for the Korean language was 149, which was 5 points higher than last year, and it was found that there were only 28 perfect scorers. 

Mathematics also had the highest standard score of 147 points, up 10 points from last year. 

However, with 2,702 students with perfect scores, the competition for the highest score in mathematics is expected to be fierce. 

For English, which is an absolute evaluation, the rate of 1st grade was 6.25%, which was halved from 12.7% of the previous year. 

There was only one person who got perfect marks in all subjects, and they are graduates. 

This year's CSAT was held in an integrated liberal arts and science department, so there was a lot of interest in the pros and cons of each elective subject in Korean and Mathematics, but the Evaluation Institute did not disclose the data.