As the court decision to defer the determination of the correct answer to the 20th question of Life Science II in the Science Research Area of ​​the Academic Scholastic Ability Test for the Class of 2022 came out today (9th), the notification of the grades of the candidates who took the Life Science II was postponed.

Students who did not choose Life Science II will be notified of their results tomorrow as scheduled.

An official from the Korea Institute of Curriculum and Evaluation said, "According to the court's decision, we have decided to suspend the notification of grades for 6,515 Life Science II candidates among the grade notifications scheduled for tomorrow."

Previously, 92 people who took the Life Science II test in the SAT for the Class of 2022 held on the 18th of last month filed an application for suspension of execution of the correct answer from the Evaluation Office, saying that there was an error in the question.

The 6th administrative division of the Seoul Administrative Court (Judge Lee Ju-young) accepted this and decided to suspend the effect of the correct answer until the verdict of the main case lawsuit.