• A Lyon start-up defies the time it takes to brush our teeth with its Y-Brush.

  • This "sonic" electric toothbrush is able to brush all teeth at the same time in 5, 10 or 15 seconds, instead of the prescribed two minutes.

  • Sold from 89 euros and practical, the device unfortunately cannot yet replace a classic toothbrush.

Brush your teeth in 5, 10 or 15 seconds, compared to the two minutes usually recommended?

This is the promise of the Y-Brush electric toothbrush developed by a Lyon start-up from French Tech, determined to save us time in our hectic lives.

20 Minutes

wanted to know more and tested the very promising Y-Brush which also has the advantage of being made in France.

A toothbrush ... in the shape of a denture


Brushing your teeth will soon no longer be a chore.

In any case, this is what Benjamin Cohen and Christophe Cadot, the Lyon designers of the Y-Brush toothbrush promise.

Let's face it: unboxing the product brought back old memories.

We had the impression of finding ourselves in front of the braces that Granny once plunged into a glass, in the evening, before falling asleep!

Glurp… With its half-jaw shape, Y-Brush is disconcerting.

But we quickly understand the hygienic-temporal vocation of the toothbrush.

20,000 vibrations per minute

This is electric, and able to simultaneously brush all the teeth, from the bottom, then the top of the jaw.

Hence the announced time saving.

For this, it is covered with 35,000 nylon filaments which vibrate at a rate of 20,000 movements per minute.

This is called "sonic" technology.

This process is used by Panasonic, but also by Philips for their electric toothbrushes, such as the Sonicare 2100. The brush head with its filaments is plugged into a handle which, operating on battery, transmits its vibrations to it.

Micro-durations, maxi-brushing?

Before brushing your teeth, you should apply a little toothpaste inside the dent. It is also possible to use solid chewable toothpaste. Or to apply dental paste beforehand on the teeth with your finger. Then comes that strange moment when you have to put the Y-Brush in your mouth. The boss is rather flexible and adapts quite well to the jaw. It remains to get it started. Successive presses on the central button on the handle determine the brushing duration: 5, 10 or 15 seconds. A long press starts the toothbrush.

During our first try, we barely had time to launch the operation when it was already finished!

We renewed it immediately.

The brush does not do the job on its own.

When it vibrates, it should be made to slide slightly on the jaw from left to right, but also to operate small chewing.

After a few brushings, it becomes a reflex.

Obviously, after brushing half a jaw, you have to repeat the operation on the second (and if necessary take a small dose of toothpaste).

An obvious time saver

Results ?

The use of Y-Brush is meant to break with years of classic tooth brushing.

And it bears little resemblance, in the end, to the use of a traditional electric toothbrush.

According to the two designers of the toothbrush, it is recommended up to three weeks of learning anyway.

During the first, we brush our teeth for 15 seconds;

for 10 seconds the second week;

then for five seconds the third.

Which, if we multiply this duration by two (due to a necessary brushing of one and the other half-jaw) is effectively 10 seconds accumulated by brushing at least.

We are indeed far from the two minutes recommended by oral health professionals.

The time saved plays in favor of the brush, and we can imagine using it when we are in a


, just before a meeting or a meeting, after a cigarette break, when leaving the table at noon. and that there is no time for a longer brushing.

A complementary device

In use, the feeling of cleanliness is indeed there.

By passing the tongue over the teeth, they turn out to be very smooth.

And we are at least certain of the freshness of his breath!

On the other hand, the Y-Brush could not reach our most distant molars at the bottom of our upper jaw ...

Attention, a classic rinsing of the mouth is obligatory at the end of the brushing.

The Y-Brush can therefore only be used if it can be done.

Sold from 89 euros, the toothbrush is not cheap.

And its brush, which needs to be replaced every six months, is expensive: 29 euros.

There remains the necessary need to operate regularly (or even daily) a more complete brushing, if only to better clean or massage the gums which are not treated by the Y-Brush.

As effective as it is, this toothbrush must therefore be considered as a complementary device and not as a replacement.

Can be used from 4 years old, it nevertheless has a particularly playful aspect that can also appeal to children, generally reluctant to take the time necessary to brush their quenottes!


Sonicare 2100: Philips turns up the volume to brush your teeth better



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