He is a well-known broadcaster as 'Prince of Congo'.

Legend has it that Jonathan helped a panicked citizen on the subway in the past.

Recently, a netizen revealed the story of receiving help from Jonathan on Seoul Subway Line 9 in November of last year.

I had panic disorder on the subway, and when I was unable to do this or that at the station until 911 came because of hyperventilation, Jonathan brought water and helped me to breathe slowly.

Also, he thanked him for reassuring himself that it was okay to say he was sorry even though he had sent the train he had to take several times.

When some pointed out that it was a made-up story, the netizen also revealed the specific location and time, saying, 'I can't remember clearly because I'm sick, but check the CCTV at Sinnonhyeon Station or Noryangjin Station on November 21, 2020.'

Jonathan is a refugee from Congo who settled in Korea in 2008. His father is a member of a Congo tribe, so he is nicknamed 'Prince of Congo'.