The second search term for clicking is an absurd 'duplex one-room'.

Recently on a video platform, a video titled 'A studio like a duplex rather than a duplex' was uploaded.

The real estate agent introduces that the landlord claimed that the property was a duplex, but no matter how much you look at it, the duplex space is not visible.

There is a thin mattress on the board that can be used as a bed, and it is a space where one adult can lie down. 

The brokerage assistant added, "Actually, the office does not call this place a duplex. They call it a bunker bed or a cat tower room."

If you look at the other spaces, the kitchen is small but the sink is clean and there is an induction and drum washing machine.

Located in Gwanak-gu, Seoul, the price of this room is a deposit of 1 million won and a monthly rent of 400,000 won.

This is the price inclusive of utility bills.

Although it cannot be seen as a duplex, it is located 15 minutes on foot from the station, and it is said to be a popular sale because it has a larger floor space and lower monthly rent than other studios.

Netizens commented, “Is this a duplex?

If I put one more shelf, I'd say it's on the 3rd floor." and "It's a house that can't be sold because it's a 40-month rent in Seoul, whether it's a two-story house or not."

(Screen source: YouTube house attack)