Crime journalist Peter R. de Vries was Googled a lot in 2021, according to Google's annual overview of trending searches.

The European Football Championship and the Stemwijzer were also searched for a lot this year.

This overview is not about the most searched keywords, but words that are "remarkably more searched than a year ago".

The most Googled word in the Netherlands was 'YouTube'.

After the attack on De Vries, Google was widely used to find out what had happened, how the crime journalist was doing and who he was.

Google Search was also used to learn more about his family, while others searched for images of the attack.

This year there was also a lot of search for the search term European Championship 2021, the postponed European Football Championship of 2020 that took place this year.

Formally, the name of the tournament is therefore Euro 2020.

The third place of trending searches is for the Stemwijzer, which gives people voting advice based on topics they find important.

The Stemwijzer was widely consulted in the run-up to the elections to the House of Representatives, but Google does not provide specific figures about the searches.

On March 16, the day before the elections, most people searched for the Stemwijzer.

Top 10 trending searches on Google in 2021

  • Peter R. de Vries

  • European Championship 2021

  • voting pointer

  • Curfew

  • Test for Access

  • snow radar

  • Olympics

  • iPhone 13

  • Nelson Valkenburg

  • WhatsApp malfunction

  • Also to

    Squid Game

    and Bilal Wahib became much sought

    Google has also released lists that align with different categories.

    In the searches around the coronavirus, 'Evening clock' was the most popular search term, followed by 'Testing for Access' and 'Corona test'.

    In terms of technology, the iPhone 13 takes the top spot.

    Two says 'WhatsApp outage'.

    There may have been a lot of searches for this on October 4, when WhatsApp, Facebook and Instagram were unavailable for hours due to a global outage.

    "Microsoft Teams" is in third place in the category.

    Squid Game

    was the most popular search term for series, followed by



    Deal or No Deal


    Alec Baldwin, who recently shot someone to death on a movie set, was the most popular Google term among actors.

    Bilal Wahib was the most sought after in the musicians category.

    The singer and presenter was discredited in March after he asked an underage boy on Instagram to show his genitals.

    The Public Prosecution Service (OM) investigated the case, but decided not to prosecute Wahib

    Who is and what is?

    Google also disclosed popular queries to the search engine.

    There are also a number of corona-related searches.

    For example, many searches were made for 'What is 2G?'

    and to 'What is an antigen test?'.

    Many people also asked what a flixie (a dixi with flash, against speeding drivers) is.

    People on Google mainly wondered who Eddie the Clown (a horror clown during Fright Night at Walibi amusement park) is.

    Dance teacher and Virus Truth foreman Willem Engel was also googled a lot.