When the train operator who was operating the train was notified of the corona virus, all passengers alighted.

Yesterday (7th) around 2 pm, engineer A, who was operating the train bound for Eungam loop on Subway Line 6, was notified of the corona virus by the quarantine authorities.

Seoul Transportation Corporation stopped the train operated by Mr. A at Dolgoti Station and had all passengers disembarked, and the train operated by Mr. A returned to the base for quarantine.

The passengers who got off took the next train.

According to the Seoul Transportation Corporation, engineer A got on the subway through a different passage than the passengers and there was no contact with the passengers.

Previously, engineer A received a corona test after a colleague who shared the cafeteria was confirmed, and it came out positive.

Currently, there are two confirmed cases at the establishment, and Seoul Transportation Corporation said that close contacts who used the cafeteria will be tested for Corona, and additional tests will be conducted according to the results of the epidemiological investigation.

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(Photo = Yonhap News)