Rohingya refugees file complaint against Facebook

The Rohingya, a Muslim ethnic minority, took refuge in Bangladesh from 2017 after fleeing a violent campaign of repression in Burma.


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The criticism leveled at the social network is that of promoting disinformation and extremist ideologies on its platform. 


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Rohingya refugees on December 6 filed a collective complaint in San Francisco, demanding $ 150 billion in compensation from the social network for allowing the dissemination of hate messages about them.

Facebook is like a robot programmed with a single mission: to develop

 ", write the complainants. 

Disinformation and the spread of extremist ideologies would thus have allowed violent acts to be perpetrated in the real world.

Human rights organizations have long criticized Facebook for not being sufficiently involved in the fight against false information.

The complaint also comes as

whistleblower Frances Haugen

denounces the practices of Facebook, her former employer.

Before the American Congress, she argued that the network was fueling “ 

ethnic violence

 ” in certain countries.

#Rohingya sue Facebook for $ 150bn for fueling Myanmar hate speech

- Arakan Rohingya News (@RohingyaNews) December 7, 2021


Rohingyas have been

fleeing persecution in Burma, a predominantly Buddhist country, since 2017.

Considered illegal even though they have lived there for generations, they have found refuge in Bangladesh overwhelmingly. 

This Muslim ethnic minority has lived for many years now in overcrowded refugee camps and for those remaining in Burma, subjected to violence and severe discrimination by the ruling junta.

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