Europe 1 with AFP 9:35 am, December 07, 2021

A woman and a baby were able to be made aware of the rubble thanks to a rescue dog after a building collapsed in Sanary-sur-Mer, in the Var, on the night of Monday to Tuesday.

Two other people are currently wanted and three slightly injured have been taken to hospital by the emergency services. 

A woman and a baby may have been made aware of the rubble of an apartment building that collapsed on the night of Monday to Tuesday in Sanary-sur-Mer (Var) following an explosion that could be due to a gas problem, firefighters said. "Among the five people wanted in the rubble, three could be located, a woman and a baby were extracted conscious and an unconscious man is being extracted", they declared shortly before 9 am. Two other people are also wanted in the rubble.

The explosion also left three slightly injured who could be taken to hospital quickly after the arrival of help.

"We took more than two hours to get this baby out. He is currently being looked after by teams from the Samu who are there. He is fine," Colonel Eric Grohin of the fire brigade said during a press briefing. of the Var.

Found by the rescue dog

"To find the baby that we heard screaming, the dog immediately marked (his position) and that allowed us to make a tunnel to go and look for him and we managed to bring him out", he said. added.

Dog teams, as well as units specializing in rescue in perilous environments are at work to get people out of the rubble.

The explosion took place around 3:50 am in the port of this city of 15,000 inhabitants.

She was heard eight kilometers around, according to police on the spot.

"The emergency services arrived on the spot detected a strong smell of gas", specified the prefecture of Var.

Two adjoining buildings were also damaged.