In the kitchen of a famous franchise chicken restaurant, a man believed to be an employee was caught smoking an e-cigarette and touching chicken.

The man was not wearing a mask or a sanitary cap.

On the 5th, on the short form video platform 'TikTok', a video was uploaded with the title 'It is urgent to check the hygiene condition'.

In the video, a man wearing a fluorescent jumper with the name of a famous chicken brand is cooking chicken in the kitchen.

The man, not wearing a sanitary cap or mask, touched chicken with his left hand, which was wearing plastic gloves, and smoked an e-cigarette with his right hand, which was not wearing plastic gloves.

A cloud of cigarette smoke spread over the chicken.

Then, he even seasoned the chicken with the hands he used to smoke an e-cigarette.

This video was shared with hashtags such as '#hygiene', '#legend', and '#e-cigarette', and the video and captured photos showing the chicken house logo were shared with various online communities, Twitter, Instagram, etc. It spread rapidly.

Netizens expressed their anger, saying, "Where is that place, please tell me the name of the store", "Can you only massage chicken with your hands that smoked?", "The staff at the restaurant I used to go into the kitchen without washing their hands in the bathroom", "I can't eat because it's dirty" poured out

The head office of the franchise chicken said, "We are aware of the video in question. We are currently investigating the details of the store, etc."

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(Photos and video = online community)