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number of patients infected with the new mutation Omicron has increased by 12 to 24. In particular, there is growing concern that the Omicron patient, which was mainly in Incheon, will spread to the whole country as it was confirmed in Jincheon, North Chungcheong Province.

This is reporter Jung Da-eun.

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is a screening clinic installed in the parking lot of a church in Incheon.

People who attended a church service for foreigners on the 28th are being tested.

[Incheon city officials: There are less than 50 people here now. 40, 50.] The number

of domestic patients infected with the Omicron mutation increased by 12 in one day to 24.

The largest number of infections started with a pastor couple in Incheon, who visited Nigeria, with 20, followed by two women in their 50s who also visited Nigeria and two more who entered South Africa on the 1st.

Incheon has the most by region, but the possibility of it spreading nationwide cannot be ruled out.

A foreigner in his 70s from Jincheon, Chungcheongbuk-do, who participated in the Incheon church event was confirmed yesterday (the 5th), and three foreign students waiting for the results of the Omicron analysis related to the Incheon church are attending three universities in Seoul.

Hankuk University of Foreign Studies, one of them, has switched all campus classes to non-face-to-face until the 14th.

The quarantine authorities said that there are currently 10 confirmed cases awaiting the results of Omicron's analysis, and that "there are 1,360 people who are being tracked and managed because there is a possibility of contact with a confirmed Omicron."

[Lee Sang-won / Head of Epidemiological Investigation and Analysis Team, Central Quarantine Countermeasures Headquarters: Omicron's propagation speed seems to far exceed that of Delta.

It is judged that it is very likely to replace Delta and become the dominant species, and this judgment can be applied in Korea.]

However, the quarantine authorities said that all 24 domestic Omicron infections were asymptomatic or mild.

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