As the number of severe corona patients increases, hospital beds across the country are also saturated. The shortage of beds in the metropolitan area as well as in the non-metropolitan area is getting serious. In the case of Gangwon-do, there are no critically ill beds left, and 90% of the beds in the Chungcheong area and 70% in Busan and Gwangju are occupied. There is also a prospect that it will be difficult to handle the critically ill unless additional measures are taken.

Next is reporter Nam Jung-min.

<Reporter> In a

hospital dedicated to Corona in Gangwon-do, the prepared intensive care beds were all full yesterday (the 5th), and it was no longer possible to receive patients.

[Gangwon-do Hospital: There are many patients from other regions… Since everyone is full, it is not easy to power them all.]

Not only here, but also all 36 intensive care beds in Gangwon-do are full.

Although it plans to secure 6 additional beds by next week, it is not keeping pace with the rate of critically ill patients.

[Gangwon-do Health Authority: (Confirmed) Recently, from 100 to 110 people have come out, and seriously ill patients are coming out of those who are infected in their 60s... .] As

patients from the metropolitan area flocked to the adjacent non-metropolitan areas, the utilization rate of most beds in the Chungcheong area exceeded 90%, and Busan and Gwangju also reached 70%.

Even in non-metropolitan areas, it has become difficult to be assigned a hospital bed.

[Busan Hospital: I was assigned to a critically ill patient if I had to meet the real seriousness criteria. In the old days, when a patient's condition deteriorated a little, he was transferred immediately... .]

The government plans to secure beds so that it can handle 10,000 confirmed cases a day, but there are currently more than 1,000 patients waiting because they have not been assigned a bed.

[Kim Bu-gyeom/Prime Minister: Please be more active in securing new beds by additionally discovering and supporting medium-sized hospitals with the capacity to treat critically ill patients.]

Utilization rate of beds for semi-critical patients who are likely to improve or worsen from severe to severe As the percentage is approaching 70%, the government plan to use semi-critically ill beds for intensive care seems inevitable.

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