Uber allows audio recording of conversations of riders and drivers in America

The American smart transportation services company, Uber Technologies, revealed three new features with the aim of improving the safety and security factors for users of its application in the United States.

The company said that it will start sending an alert to passengers if the driver takes an unexpected route or makes an unexpected stop during the trip, while allowing the driver and passengers to audio record the trip.

And the website Cnet.com, which specializes in technology issues, indicated that Uber allows voice recording of trips in 14 countries in Latin America and has started implementing this feature on an experimental basis in three cities in the United States, namely Louisville, Kentucky, Kansas City, Missouri, and Ralive Durham in North Carolina.

Uber said that after the testing period and monitoring the reaction of users, the company will make the voice recording feature available in more US cities.

The audio recording of the trip can be submitted to Uber to support the position of the passenger or driver in the event of a safety and security complaint by one of them.

At the same time, turning on the feature is optional, and an alert will be sent to the passenger if the driver activates the feature during the trip, and the recording will be stored in an encrypted form on the user’s smartphone, and Uber will not obtain these recordings automatically, as the user must submit them himself to the company in case he needs to.

"It is up to the user to activate the registration feature and to submit the registration to the company afterwards," the company said.