We could be in New York or London if Mariah Carey and her

All I Want for Christmas Is Yo


were heard in the background

, which for a reason has already been


the Christmas campaign.

But no.

We are in the capital, close to Puerta de Sol and in the exclusive

luxury complex

Centro Canalejas Madrid (promoted by HL Desarrollo and Mohari Hospitality).

The project, which brings together seven historic buildings in the capital, all rehabilitated and recovered to become benchmarks for avant-garde leisure and tourism, is completing stages.

After seven years of work, in 2020 the Four Seasons Madrid hotel was inaugurated;

Then came the


fashion Hermès;

A few days ago another great one of luxury, the Cartier jewelry ... And today, December 1, the Food Hall of Canalejas Gallery opens its doors, called to become a

gastronomic icon

and meeting point for locals, nationals and tourists in the also emblematic Alcala, 12.


And we have gone there to witness the last preparations for this space of more than 4,000 square meters that houses 13 restaurants of different styles and nationalities, whose area is already known by many as the

new golden mile of Madrid

. The proposal ranges from Michelin-starred chefs to




and international food


, through country cuisine dining rooms, in a traditional or updated key, and establishments where delicatessens are the stars.

What is this Canalejas Gallery like, which totals 15,000 square meters in

three heights

(the top two, dedicated to the



, with large fashion houses and high jewelry that will finish arriving next spring, and the underground one for gastronomy)?

Rubén Arnanz, at 19.86.

The less, shocking, sensation that increases when entering Food Hall, where


revolves around a

large staircase

in the shape of a helix. As in the

boutique restaurant 19.86

, which seems to embrace her. The name of the space of

Rubén Arnanz



who at the age of 28 obtained a


from the Red Guide and who today officiates at

Juan Bravo

, an

illustrated inn

based on roots and territory- is also the year of his birth "a statement of intentions, of a lifetime dedicated to cooking, "he says.

Rubén, who shies away from labels, here remains faithful to his philosophy of spreading a land and a gastronomic culture 2with the usual flavor but cooked like never before. "He has the


,« hand in hand with our kitchen team », and the tables designed «to share» snacks taught by the chef, such as the revolcona with crispy bacon and smoked egg yolk and the royal salad with caviar (average price: 50 euros). Everything, with cocktails and "wines with soul, a lot of soul and selected from




Julián Mármol in Monchis.

More proper names.

Julián Mármol

(Yugo The Bunker, a Michelin star) opens two stores. The first, at street level,

The Eight

, where the grill and an informal offer with "haute cuisine burgers" reign (average price: 35-55 euros). They will also serve breakfast and it will have a terrace. The second, in the subway,


, a Mexican restaurant but with a Japanese philosophy "when it comes to interpreting the product: minimal manipulation, small bites and taming spicy, acid, insects ... So that the main product predominates", points out the chef . For example, a



in kobujime, accompanied by tortillas ... And gorditas, infladitas, tlacoyos ... (average price: 75-85 euros). Also,



(average price: 55-65 euros) and private club for members, a format with which Marmól has worked for years at Yugo The Bunker.

St. James's cocktail bar.

We continue the tour in

St. Jame

s, the iconic Madrid rice bar where there is no shortage of a great rice menu (from mixed paella to black rice with cuttlefish, as well as up to twenty different elaborations featuring cereal), seafood, fish and meats.

In addition, it has a cocktail area (average price: 60 euros with rice and wine).


From a classic space to another warrior:


, where the Venezuelan F

ermín Azkue

combines Japanese cuisine with the flavors and techniques of half the world.

We continue in an international key with

Le Petit Dim Sum

, the latest adventure of the China Crown Group starring these artisan snacks of

millenary tradition


In a European key,


- from the Davant group - and his "refined and contemporary" Italian cuisine, whose advisor is the well-known chef Jesús Almagro, and the favorite oysters of great creators brought from France by

Daniel Sorlut


We return to the homeland and to


, the updated traditional Galician gastronomy brought to the 21st century.

The Italian Davvero.

And, as Food Hall is above all a


, a must-see are the



, specialists in Iberian products, sausages and cheeses, which, for the first time, come from the hand of

Cinco Jotas


the sweets from

El Goloso

, a renowned workshop in Tarancón (Cuenca), and the Italian ice creams from



But there is more: another 20 corner-type spaces grouped in

MAD Gourmets

and to enjoy concepts such as signature sandwiches (John Barrita), with avocado as a common thread (Avocados) or vegan proposals (Huma), tapas

made in Spain

(La Carmela) ... And, if it comes down to it, live music, who knows, maybe with Mariah Carey.

Everything could be.

Canalejas Gallery.

According to the criteria of The Trust Project

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