It is actually possible to push ahead when getting a booster shot at the GGD.

The ANP took the test and on Sunday saw how someone effortlessly received an extra shot, while it was not his turn yet based on his year of birth.

The GGD emphasizes that it does not belong to the police.

The person who got the booster shot on Sunday was born in 1967. He had entered 1937 on the government appointment site to be able to get the shot now.

In the The Hague region, the man received the additional jab on Sunday to maintain protection against the corona virus.

He did this to show in practice that this is possible.

In addition, for personal reasons, he wanted to get the booster as soon as possible.

The other person, whose data the ANP checked, cheated for four years.

He comes from North Holland and was born in 1939. When the man was unable to make an appointment shortly after the start of the booster campaign, he entered 1935 on the registration website.

That worked.

He also got his extra shot without any problems.

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GGD is 'not from the police'

The ANP already showed earlier this week that it is possible to schedule a prick appointment with an incorrect birth year.

GGD GHOR Nederland, the branch organization of the health services, stated in a response to this, however, that they cancel appointments of people who are not yet their turn.

People who try it would be called off.

However, those involved with whom the ANP spoke did not hear anything from the GGD.

A third source, who made an appointment with a false year of birth at the beginning of last week, has not yet received a call.

This person will try to actually get the jab on Tuesday.

GGD GHOR pointed out in its previous response that checks are also carried out on location.

"On the basis of proof of identity, this is done for the age groups."

In the cases known to the ANP, however, it was not checked on location whether it was their turn.

The health service has already admitted that the system is vulnerable.

"We are not from the police," a spokesperson added.

Anyone who received a second shot less than six months ago cannot, incidentally, advance in this way.

In that case, the system refers to the national telephone number for an appointment.

Pushing ahead comes at the expense of others

"If you push ahead and commit fraud when filling in the data, you will take the place of someone who may need this vaccination even more than you," GGD GHOR further emphasized.

"There is a vaccine available to everyone, but wait for your turn and your invitation."

The government's digital corona systems have been experiencing various problems since the beginning of this year.

Mid-November, for example, there were delays in transmitting the contamination figures due to a telecom failure at a supplier.

A Ddos attack targeting the website in July made it temporarily difficult for people to make an appointment for a test or vaccination.

The Dutch system of registration of infections also has errors.