Announcement: We are changing our cookie policy with effect from December 5, 2021 - the second Sunday in Advent.

All cookies are accepted and saved until further notice, provided they have been baked yourself.

If you want to send something to the editorial office quickly: with marzipan or chocolate coating.

Walter Wille

"Technology and Motor" editorial team

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All other cookies are not affected by the new regulation. They are still being rejected, as far as possible, even if it involves some effort. Yes, the very shrewd among the operators of Internet sites make it deliberately difficult for us to choose anything other than the full sniffing program, rely on our convenience and the fact that the whole thing is terribly annoying. But it is precisely their cookies that are clicked away. With pleasure.

The digital existence is sometimes tedious, with changing focuses.

Just survived the advertising bombardment on Black Friday, when the end of the year floods your mailbox with Christmas e-mails from both unknown and unwanted senders.

The seasonally varying e-waste makes it easy to see how far the year has progressed.

Accompanied by the steady, never-ending background noise of tempting offers on sensational earning opportunities without work, on Bitcoin and Viagra.

Should the Christ Child happen to read along and take notes: We wish for humanity, if that should be too much to ask with an imminent disappearance of Corona, at least an end to the spam and cookie madness.

It must be possible.

We also want to be very good next year.