A pastor and a couple who recently visited Nigeria were infected with Omicron, a new mutation of Corona 19, for the first time in Korea, and there are people who are interested in what kind of treatment they are currently receiving.

The hospital, where the couple and their elementary school son are hospitalized together, said that there is no other treatment because the symptoms are similar to those of general COVID-19 patients, and they are managing patients in the existing way.

According to the quarantine authorities on the 4th, as of 00:00 the previous day, there were 13 domestic patients officially classified as Omicron-related cases by the Central Quarantine Countermeasures Headquarters.

Of these, 6 patients were confirmed to have been infected with Omicron through whole genome analysis, and the remaining 7 patients have been classified as suspected of being infected with Omicron so far.

A pastor couple in their 40s is in the hospital with their elementary school son who was additionally infected with Omicron on the 2nd.

When Pastor Lee and his wife arrived from Nigeria on the 24th of last month, a man in their 30s, an acquaintance of Uzbekistan who drove them from Incheon International Airport to their home, is also being treated at the same hospital. There is.

According to the hospital's own policy of hospitalizing family members of confirmed patients in the same room, the pastor and his wife and their elementary school son and Uzbek nationals can receive treatment in the same room with their mother-in-law and wife.

All of them were found to be in relatively good physical condition, showing only symptoms similar to a cold so far.

It is said that the wife of the pastor's wife said, "I had a fever and a sore throat on the first evening of the test, but I got better the next morning after taking the medicine at home."

Her husband is almost free of the virus, and her son has the virus in his body but has no symptoms, and is said to be in better condition than when he had a cold.

The hospital said that only one relatively elderly woman in her 60s (suspected of omicron mutation infection) was given antibody therapy, and the rest of the patients were treated only with antipyretic drugs.

He added, "Everyone is curious about what kind of treatment people infected with Omicron receive, but there is no special treatment different from that of a general confirmed COVID-19 patient.