[Explanation] Today, 5G, AI and digital technologies have been popularized in various fields. As the world’s largest heavy equipment manufacturing base, Shanghai Zhenhua Heavy Industry (Group) Co., Ltd. Changxing Island base has also covered 5G networks. The entire park is integrated and applied with the Internet of Things technology to release greater benefits for the enterprise.

Recently, reporters from China News Service visited on the spot.

  In the mobile machinery intelligent control center of Zhenhua Heavy Industry Changxing Island base, the reporter saw that with the help of 5G and the Internet of Things, the employees, equipment, materials, and workstations in the park have been digitized and informatized.

According to Xie Xumin, manager of the equipment infrastructure department, in order to cope with the safety management and control of tens of thousands of equipment and thousands of equipment at the same time, the low efficiency and high cost of in-plant logistics, 5 kilometers of shoreline, hundreds of stations, tens of thousands of material resources, and production coordination. Difficulties and other issues, the application of 5G, AI and digital technology in the production control process, the construction of a modern, information-based intelligent manufacturing centralized control center to achieve smart coordination of production resources.

  [Concurrent] Xie Xumin, Manager of Equipment Infrastructure Department, Changxing Base, Shanghai Zhenhua Heavy Industry (Group) Co., Ltd.

  On the one hand, it utilizes the inherent fusion characteristics of 5G technology, combined with big data and other data, to intelligently analyze the collected mass production and logistics data, automatically find and match the nearest equipment, the most skilled personnel, improve equipment utilization, and reduce human errors On the other hand, using the ultra-large bandwidth characteristics of 5G, through the collection, analysis, and processing of high-reliability, low-latency real-time images, personnel authentication and standardized operations are realized.

  [Explanation] Xie Xumin said that in the process of promoting the implementation of intelligent manufacturing, the Internet of Things technology is expanding from partial processes in the industrial field to workshops and factories, from improving quality and efficiency to promoting the transformation of manufacturing and logistics business models. The combination of 5G creates a more complete digital industrial scene and greatly reduces various costs.

  [Concurrent] Xie Xumin, Manager of Equipment Infrastructure Department, Changxing Base, Shanghai Zhenhua Heavy Industry (Group) Co., Ltd.

  Now the company's logistics fuel consumption has dropped by 24% as a whole. In addition, the number of workers has dropped by 10%, and the accident rate per million working hours has dropped by 24%. This is the most intuitive data.

  [Explanation] At the construction machinery site, the reporter saw that these construction vehicles are already equipped with advanced 5G+ Internet of Things equipment.

Before operating the vehicle, the driver master needs to swipe his face for identity verification to ensure driving safety and vehicle management.

Xu Peng, Director of the Dispatching and Transportation Department, said that the traditional management model cannot track construction vehicles in real time. Once they are driven out, they cannot know where and what they are doing.

  [Concurrent] Xu Peng, Director of Dispatching and Transportation Division, Changxing Base, Shanghai Zhenhua Heavy Industry (Group) Co., Ltd.

  The main purpose is to use 5G technology. It is actually our use of its ultra-large bandwidth feature to realize our personnel authentication and standard operation through the collection, processing and analysis of his real-time images.

For my equipment, you only need to have undocumented, expired documents, or personnel who are not authorized by me, even if you get the key of the vehicle, you cannot start the vehicle. This is mainly to prevent the equipment from being operated by unrelated personnel. A safety hazard.

  [Explanation] With the help of telecommunications 5G and the Internet of Things, all aspects of the enterprise have realized the transparent sharing of information and the visibility of the entire logistics process. Through the application of big data and artificial intelligence technology, the daily operation of the enterprise is safer and more efficient.

  At present, Shanghai is comprehensively promoting the digital transformation of the city. The communications department has given full play to its "dual gigabit" network capabilities and technical advantages of cloud-network integration to continue to empower thousands of industries and inject fresh vitality into the digital city.

  [Concurrent] Fan Ping, CEO of Xingshang Enterprise, Director of Chongming, Shanghai Telecom

  The entire project is based on 5G + Internet of Things technology, and then we apply 5G to large heavy industry manufacturing companies, which is also a typical benchmark case in his industry.

  Zhang Jian Report from Shanghai

Editor in charge: [Zhang Kaixin]