The story of the sister of a victim who was hit and run by a motorcycle who caught the culprit directly through a second-hand trading platform is attracting attention.

A man living in Iksan, North Jeolla Province, was hit by a motorcycle while crossing a sidewalk last month.

However, the motorcyclist disappeared after calling for a while and did not appear again.

The victim suffered four weeks of injuries and reported it to the police.

When the investigation did not speed up, the victim's older sister went to find the culprit herself.

The clue is that the helmet and motorcycle left at the scene of the accident, and that the perpetrator purchased the helmet as a second-hand transaction, found the same helmet on the second-hand trading platform Carrot Market, and contacted the seller to find out the ID of the helmet buyer.

They also shared photos of the accident scene and requested a report.

And after a while, I got a call saying 'I saw the same motorcycle for sale in the past', and the owner of this motorcycle had the same ID as the purchaser of the helmet.

The victim's older sister sent a message to the ID user who was believed to be the perpetrator, and the other party eventually admitted to the hit and run.

The victim's older sister immediately submitted the relevant documents to the police.

It is said that the perpetrator was a minor and said that he ran away because he was too scared at the time of the accident.