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additional confirmed cases exceeded 5,000 for two days in a row. In particular, the number of critically ill patients is increasing rapidly, especially among the elderly, so the government is planning to focus on additional vaccination, that is, the third vaccination, for those over 60 for one month in December.

By Song In-ho.

<Reporter> As of

00:00 today (2nd), there were 733 patients with severe COVID-19, maintaining the 700 level for the second day.

Of these, 84%, or 613, are seniors in their 60s or older.

The problem is that depending on whether you've been vaccinated, your risk of worsening into severe illness varies.

Among the severely severely ill patients aged 60 years and older, 42.5% were in the unvaccinated group who did not complete the vaccination, and the remaining 57.5% were analyzed as breakthrough infections after completing the basic vaccination.

That's why the government is rushing to get the third dose for those over 60 who have completed the vaccine.

[Jung Eun-kyung/Director of the Korea Centers for Disease Control and Prevention: (If you look at the Israeli case), it was confirmed that when the third vaccination was given, the confirmation rate and the severity of the infection were reduced by 11 times and 19 times compared to the completion of the basic vaccination.]

Vaccines for children and adolescents aged 12 to 17 The government's attitude toward vaccination has also changed from 'autonomous inoculation' to 'strongly recommended'.

This is because the number of confirmed students is increasing rapidly after the start of daily recovery and full school attendance, and 99.9% of the 12-17 year-olds are students who have not completed the vaccination.

In particular, for those aged 16 to 18, the risk of being diagnosed with the unvaccinated group was 4.8 times higher than that of the vaccinated group.

[Min Yang-ki/Medical Director of the Korean Medical Association: A resurgence is foretold in countries where 'With Corona' was first implemented, and vaccination reduces the incidence of patients, severe cases and mortality.]

However, students are concerned about the side effects of vaccination The voice is still there.

[Primary school parents: I do not want to guess quickly.

I thought it would be dangerous for young children...

.] The

government said that in the case of students, adverse reactions after vaccination are generally similar to those of adults, and most of them have mild symptoms and recover quickly after treatment.

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