As the quarantine situation worsened, with new confirmed cases of COVID-19 reaching 5,000 for two days in a row and confirmed cases of Omicron mutations in Korea, the government is preparing measures equivalent to the fourth step of 'social distancing'.

Measures to strengthen social distancing, such as reducing the size of private gatherings in the metropolitan area and reducing the number of non-vaccinated people in restaurants and cafes, are expected to be announced as early as tomorrow (3rd).

The government is also reviewing measures to ban gatherings at entertainment facilities and restrict business hours for multi-use facilities.

An official from the main headquarters said today, "We are reviewing all measures at the level of level 4 of the preceding social distancing.

The official added, "However, since the quarantine pass is being applied, in the case of inoculations, the sense of distance will be weaker than in the previous stage 4," he added.

The government is actively reviewing the social distancing measures that have been delayed since the start of the 'step-by-step recovery of daily life' this month, as medical response has been limited in the metropolitan area due to the rapidly increasing number of critically ill patients.

As of 00:00 today, there were 5,266 new confirmed cases, breaking the record for two days in a row following 5,123 yesterday.

2,268 in Seoul, 1,495 in Gyeonggi,The spread is strong in the metropolitan area, with a total of 4,118 new confirmed cases in the metropolitan area alone, including 355 in Incheon.

The number of critically ill patients also recorded 733, 700 for two days in a row, and the nationwide intensive care bed utilization rate was close to 80%.

In Seoul, 90.1%, Gyeonggi 85.5%, and Incheon 88.6%, the metropolitan area is virtually saturated with intensive care units.

In the case of Omicron, a new mutated virus, not only confirmed cases were confirmed in Korea, but also a tertiary infection was confirmed in the community.

Five people were confirmed yesterday, and four related infected people are waiting for test results, so the number of confirmed cases is expected to continue to increase.

Experts analyze that it is highly likely that community transmission of Omicron has already begun.

Measures equivalent to the 4th level of distance that the government is preparing will help reduce the frequency of gatherings and contacts to quickly stop the spread of COVID-19.

In the previous four-stage quarantine system, private gatherings were basically allowed up to four people.

In the last two weeks of October, ahead of normal recovery, up to 8 people in the metropolitan area and up to 10 people in non-metropolitan areas, including those who completed vaccinations, were able to gather.

Nightlife facilities and collab and ballroom.

The Hold'em Pub and Hall Perm game centers could not operate at all due to the ban on gatherings in the 4th stage.

Restaurants and cafes are only open until 10 p.m. After that, only take-out and delivery are allowed.

The use of the singing practice area and the public bath was also restricted after 10 p.m.

However, the high-intensity social distancing measures are expected to provoke violent protests from the self-employed and small business owners who have gained business freedom after the recovery of daily life.

The government will gather opinions from all walks of life and discuss the final plan at the main headquarters meeting tomorrow.