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Corona situation got so bad, the government started discussing measures to strengthen quarantine. We are also looking into ways to expand the target of the quarantine pass and strengthen the distance to reduce the number of private gatherings.

Correspondent Ahn Sang-woo.

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29th of last month, the government was cautious about keeping distance while announcing special quarantine measures instead of the transition to the second stage of daily recovery.

This is because it is necessary to collect opinions more in consideration of the economic damage to the self-employed and small business owners and inconvenience to the public.

[Kwon Deok-cheol/Minister of Health and Welfare (last month 29th): To focus on solving problems that appeared in the process, rather than stopping or returning the difficult daily recovery... .]

However, as the number of new confirmed cases exceeded 5,000 faster than expected, the government hastily resumed discussion of additional quarantine measures.

Priority is being discussed on the scale of private gatherings in the metropolitan area, reduction of the number of unvaccinated visitors to restaurants and cafes, and measures to expand the target of the quarantine pass to indoor sports facilities, karaoke rooms, entertainment pubs, nursing homes, and senior citizens’ centers.

[Jeon Hae-cheol/Minister of Public Administration and Security: Additional measures to strengthen quarantine will be discussed at the daily recovery support meeting this week and the results will be presented to the public.]

Park Soo-hyeon, senior presidential secretary for public communication at the Blue House, said in an interview with the press, "The epidemic of infectious diseases If we can't handle it, we are preparing a scenario because we believe that strengthening social distancing will be inevitable."

There are also opinions that the quarantine was quickly lifted at once.

[Kim Young-hee / Yangcheon-gu, Seoul: I think it was too timely, to release (the quarantine measures).

1,000, 2,000, and 3,000 people jumped up to 5,000.] The

government will hold a quarantine strategy meeting presided over by the Prime Minister today (2nd) and announce additional quarantine measures as early as tomorrow.