Prosecutors have requested the maximum sentence in court for a man in his 20s who is accused of sexually assaulting and brutally abusing and killing the daughter of a 20-month-old woman who lives with her.

The Daejeon District Prosecutor's Office today (1st) held a hearing held by the 12th Criminal Division of the Daejeon District Court (Chief Judge Yoo Seok-cheol), and said, "The death penalty was imposed on the accused. Please sentence me.”

They also claimed 15 years of sexual impulse drug treatment (aka chemical castration) and 45 years of tracking electronics (electronic anklets).

"He raped and killed a 20-month-old girl to satisfy his sexual desires," the prosecutor said.

On the morning of June 15, while drunk, Yang covered the daughter of a 25-year-old woman who lived with her for about an hour with a blanket, then beat her with fists and trampled her with her feet dozens of times to death. He was put on trial for putting it in an icebox and hiding it in a bathroom inside the house.

Prior to the abuse and murder, prosecutors said the baby was raped or sexually molested.

Yang was additionally charged with stealing money and valuables in the process of escaping from police pursuits after the crime.

Prosecutors demanded a five-year prison sentence for Jung, who was tried with Yang on charges of concealing the body.

(Photo = Yonhap News)