Russia fined Google again on Monday.

The tech giant would not have removed illegal content.

This time it concerns a fine of 3 million rubles (more than 35,000 euros).

It is not the first time that Google has been fined.

In recent months, parent company Alphabet has received several fines for the same offense.

The tech giant would have had to pay 32 million rubles (more than 377,000 euros) in fines to Russia last month alone.

Since this year, Russia has been trying to get a better grip on large tech companies.

Earlier this year, Twitter was intentionally slowed down because the service did not comply with Russian rules.

The company initially did not remove illegal content, after which the loading times of the social medium increased significantly.

Earlier this year, President Vladimir Putin signed a law that states that foreign tech companies must now have a branch in the country if they want to continue offering their services in Russia.