The police are investigating the fire chief who used the 119 ambulance that was supposed to be operated in an emergency for private use to pick up relatives.

The Jeonbuk National Police Agency's anti-corruption and economic crime investigation team announced today (30th) that they are investigating Yoon Byung-hun, former chief of the Jeonju Deokjin Fire Department, without detention on charges of abuse of power and obstruction of the exercise of rights.

Police are investigating whether former Chief Yoon gave unfair instructions to his subordinates in the process of personally using the 119 ambulance. It is reported that the Jeonbuk Fire Department also provided the police with information related to the inspection.

Earlier, at around 7 pm on the 20th of August, at around 7 pm, Deokjin-gu Geumam 119 Safety Center crews were instructed to take a 119 ambulance to transport their relatives who were hospitalized in Iksan to Seoul. The reason is that Mr. A has been treated at the hospital in Seoul in the past.

The two crew members who received the instructions were dispatched to Iksan Wonkwang University Hospital outside the jurisdiction where Mr. A was hospitalized during the night shift, picked up Mr. A, transported him to a large hospital in Seoul, and returned around 2 am.

According to the firefighting manual, a request from a medical staff is required to move a patient to a hospital using an ambulance, but it was found that former Chief Yoon ignored this and gave unfair instructions.

In the process, paramedics created a 'ghost patient' that did not actually exist in order to break the rules and use the 119 ambulance.

As if there was an emergency, I requested an order from the control room, and then canceled it for an ambiguous reason, 'refusal to transport'.

It was also found that the 119 ambulance operation log was falsely recorded and fabricated so that the outsiders could not know the fact that Yoon's relatives were transferred to Seoul.

On the other hand, the fire department notified former Chief Yoon yesterday of the result of the 'reprimand', the lightest level of disciplinary action, and today transferred the action to the head of the rescue and emergency department of the Jeonbuk Fire Department.

Former Chief Yoon had been dismissed from his position until just before this telegram.

An official from the Jeonbuk Fire Department explained the background of the telegram, saying, "If former Chief Yoon returns to the Deokjin Fire Department, there is a risk that the field command will be weakened." "This is a measure to establish field command."

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(Photo = Yonhap News)