100 days before the 20th presidential election to be held on March 9, next year, the SBS Election Broadcasting Planning Team opened a virtual reality space (map) 'Votero Studio' on Naver Jet's global metaverse platform ZEPETO for the first time in Korea's election broadcasting.

'Votero Studio', named after the SBS election broadcast 'People's Choice' character 'Votero', is expected to provide users with a variety of experiences by realizing election broadcast sets and various broadcasting production facilities close to reality.

'Votero Studio' consists of three main spaces: the main studio, the discussion room, and the second floor auxiliary control room.

First, in the main studio, while videos on the theme of the importance of one vote exercised by the people and the meeting of past presidents are screened, users can become a host of the SBS election broadcast's election prediction system 'AI Yugyakdang'. We have prepared a space.

In addition, in the discussion room that made use of the atmosphere of the actual broadcast set, a space for online meetings and interviews was created to increase the usability of the map.

In particular, the SBS Election Broadcasting Planning Team plans to invite the presidential candidates of major political parties to the 'Votero Studio' map to present content on the topic of communication with the MZ generation.

In addition, we are introducing a space full of various elements that can arouse the interest of users, such as the auxiliary control room, which is difficult to access on TV, as well as the so-called 'Stairway of the Broadcasting Station', which became a hot topic with SNS authentication shots of famous idol singers.

SBS Election Broadcasting Planning Team, which continues its reputation as 'the famous election broadcaster' and 'election broadcasting restaurant' with the sensuous and pleasant election broadcasting graphics, VIPON (Voting Information Process On-line Network), is actively using the metaverse and He explained that the 'Vote Studio' map was opened in a virtual space in order to convey the meaning and value of voting in an interesting way to the young generation in their teens and 20s.