Michael van Gerwen suffered a sensitive defeat on Sunday in the run-up to the World Cup darts.

The three-time world champion lost in the quarterfinals of the Players Championship Finals to Peter Wright: 6-10.

The start of the game was delayed because the fire alarm went off at the Butlin's Minehead Resort while Van Gerwen and Wright were throwing in.

The two players even had to leave the stage.

A few minutes later they returned.

Van Gerwen and Wright kept each other in balance in the first legs and both threw an average of over 100 points per three arrows.

Still, it was Wright who first forced a break for 2-1, but the Dutchman fought back to 3-3.

Halfway through the match, things still went wrong for Van Gerwen.

After he had cleared a break behind, Wright took a 5-6 lead and the Dutchman only managed to take one leg despite a higher average (101.64 to 98.80).

However, the 2020 world champion was much better on the doubles (58.82 percent to 40 percent).

For Van Gerwen, the defeat to Wright is a mediocre general for the World Cup darts, which starts on December 15 in London.

The Dutchman had defeated former world champions Raymond van Barneveld and Gary Anderson on the way to the quarterfinals.

Due to the elimination of Van Gerwen, Vincent van der Voort is the only remaining Dutchman at the Players Championship Finals, of which the quarterfinals, semifinals and final will be played on Sunday.

The North Hollander will meet Johnny Clayton in the quarterfinals later in the day.


Somewhere in the complex a fire alarm is going off, which is why the start of the match between Michael van Gerwen and Peter Wright is postponed until the problem is solved #rtl7darts


Authorrtl7dartsMoment of places15: 02 - 28 November 2021

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