During a major police action earlier this year, 1,003 cyber criminals were arrested worldwide, the international police organization Interpol reported Friday.

Also, 27 million dollars (24 million euros) was intercepted and 2,300 accounts were blocked.

The action, called Operation HAECHI-II, took place between June and September of this year.

The arrests have been made in 20 countries, including Spain and Romania.

The arrested cyber criminals are suspected of various online crimes, such as investment fraud and operating illegal online casinos.

In a case in Colombia, a gang had stolen 14 million euros by posing as the lawyers of a textile company.

The gang sent an email to the company asking if it would transfer money to two of the criminals' Chinese accounts.

When half of the money had been transferred, the textile company found out about the deception and called the Colombian police.

With the help of Interpol, the police managed to recover 94 percent of the money transferred.


Squid Game

app makes financial victims

Interpol also notes that cybercriminals are increasingly taking advantage of popular trends to target victims.

For example, the organization calls a rogue app that


the name of the popular South Korean Netflix series

Squid Game


Through the app, hackers can gain access to the user's billing information and thus take out expensive subscriptions, without the user's consent.

"Online scams using rogue apps change as quickly as cultural trends that exploit them in an opportunistic way," said Interpol CEO José De Gracia.

"Sharing information about emerging threats is vital for the police to protect the victims of online fraud."