As a photo of a woman in her 70s kneeling and apologizing to the hairdresser for distributing leaflets has been published online, critics are pouring in for the rude attitude of the store owner.

According to the Seodaemun Police Station today (27th), the owner of a hairdresser in Daehyeon-dong, Seodaemun-gu, protested against this grandmother for putting a flyer in the store mailbox in March and even reported it to the police.

According to the police description, when the woman was dispatched to the scene, the surprised grandmother knelt, and the police finished the situation after raising her up.

The incident became known when a YouTuber posted a picture of her grandmother kneeling and apologizing on her broadcast.

A YouTuber said, "The grandmother had a humiliating experience of kneeling down to Mr. A, who is not even her grandson. claimed.

(Picture=Youtube channel foot-and-mouth disease capture, Yonhap News)