A seventeen-year-old boy from Zeist who has been arrested for incitement via the WhatsApp messaging service has been given an online restraining order.

This means that he is not allowed to make "online statements that can lead to disorder", writes the municipality of Utrecht.

The online restraining order has been imposed by the mayor of Utrecht, Sharon Dijksma.

If the suspect does not comply with the prohibition, he must pay a penalty of 2,500 euros.

"We are increasingly seeing online calls that lead to disorder and riots. With this targeted intervention, we are tackling this behavior at the source," says Dijksma.

It is unknown how long the ban will remain in effect.

The boy is suspected of having posted threatening and inflammatory messages, in which he called for riots in the city of Utrecht on Friday evening.

After an investigation by the police, the suspect was arrested on Thursday evening.

A 15-year-old boy and three men aged 28, 31 and 46 from Lopik in Utrecht were arrested for the same reason.

More arrests could follow, police said on Friday.