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4,68 new confirmed cases of Corona 19 yesterday (26th), and it rose to the 4,000 level again in three days. As various quarantine indicators deteriorate, such as the number of severe cases and new deaths recorded record highs, the quarantine authorities are deepening their concerns.

This is reporter Kim Deok-hyeon.

<Reporter> As of

00:00 today (27th), there were 4,68 new confirmed cases.

After the 24th, the number of patients rose to the 4,000 level again in three days, the second highest number of patients in history, which is 863 more than the same day last week.

In Seoul, 8 out of 10 domestic patients, or 3,273, are concentrated in the metropolitan area, with 1,800 confirmed cases being the first in Seoul.

The biggest problem is that there are many high-risk patients.

The number of patients with severe serious illness was 634, the highest number for five consecutive days, and the death toll was 52, the highest since the outbreak of Corona 19 in Korea.

However, bed capacity is virtually saturated.

In the metropolitan area, where patients are concentrated, the utilization rate of severe hospital beds is 83.4%, and more than 74% of hospital beds dedicated to infectious diseases are in operation.

There were 1,167 people who waited more than a day for hospitalization, and 40% of them were in the high-risk group over 70 years old.

First of all, the government has decided to send 50 public health specialists to 21 tertiary general hospitals in the metropolitan area for two months, which are suffering from a manpower shortage.

In addition, within this month, we plan to secure an additional 2,000 beds in life treatment centers in the metropolitan area.

In addition, the government is expected to announce additional quarantine measures on Monday after discussions over the weekend.