There are many people who use the shared kickboard because it is easy and comfortable to ride on the street, but it was confirmed that there are products that have not been properly inspected for safety. However, even if they are caught, they are only being punished with a fine for negligence.

This is an exclusive report by reporter Han So-hee.


Mr. A, who frequently uses a shared electric kickboard.

A new electric kickboard caught my eye and I borrowed it, but he says that it is somehow different from other manufacturers' kickboards.

[Mr A/Kickboard user: The aircraft looks weaker than other companies and the steering wheel just turns... .]

The kickboard in question did not have the KC certification mark, which is mandatory when importing electrical products.

It turned out that the kickboard had not been safety tested.

Even so, the company that rents this kickboard promoted the fact that it could be used at a low price and recruited store owners.

He was doing business with an uncertified kickboard, but there is currently no way to stop it.

The electric kickboard sharing project requires only registration with the local government without any special qualifications, so it is difficult to know the problem in advance, and even if it is discovered afterward, it is only a narrow punishment.

[Songpa-gu Office Official: Because we only take administrative measures. There are standards according to the number of full-time workers. Because we calculated it, now (fine) is calculated as 800,000 won.]

When the coverage began, the company admitted that it had confirmed that a small number of kickboards did not receive safety certification due to the supplier's negligence. .

It is pointed out that countermeasures are necessary, such as preparing rental company registration requirements so that local governments can manage and supervise the safety of kickboards.

(Video coverage: Hong Jong-su, Seol Min-hwan, video editing: Kim Jong-tae)