Israeli companies that sell cybersecurity technology such as spy software are now only allowed to do so to 37 countries.

Initially there were 102, but the Israeli government has reduced the number of countries that can be delivered, tech website




NSO Group supplies espionage software to countries and governments with which people can be tapped via their telephones.

Recently, the Israeli company NSO Group was sued by Apple and blacklisted by the US.

Various lawyers, journalists and activists have been spied on with the espionage software in recent years, according to research by Amnesty International, among others.

NSO Group's software is controversial, because an infection with it is very difficult to discover and it is not clear to whom and to which countries NSO Group supplies and has supplied the software.

The list currently mainly

consists of

western countries,




The Netherlands is also included.

Countries such as Morocco, Mexico and Saudi Arabia are no longer listed, which means that NSO Group is no longer allowed to sell software to those countries.

Saudi Arabia is one of the countries that most likely took advantage of the software (better known as Pegasus) provided by NSO Group.

Pegasus was used to keep an eye on relatives and people around Jamal Khashoggi.

Khashoggi was a columnist for

The Washington Post


He was murdered in Turkey by suspected hitmen working for Saudi Arabia.

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