Italian competition watchdog AGCM has fined Apple and Google each EUR 10 million for the way they collect data from users.

The regulator calls the companies' working methods aggressive.

The authority says that Google's system is designed in such a way that users must accept the terms and conditions for data use when setting up their account.

At Apple, users have no choice at all, concludes the watchdog.

In a statement, the authority further said that the tech companies failed to provide clear information on how they collect and use users' data in a timely manner.

The fine imposed is the highest that the Italian regulator can impose in such cases.

At the beginning of this week, Apple and Amazon were also fined in Italy.

According to the Italian competition watchdog, the companies violated European competition rules when they jointly decided which providers could sell Apple products.

The fines imposed at the time totaled EUR 203 million.