Another worrying thing is that the number of students suffering from Corona is increasing. In recent months, it has been shown that adolescents and children have a higher rate of infection than adults. Many students have not yet been vaccinated, but the quarantine authorities have extended the vaccination opportunity to January next year.

Reporter Song In-ho will tell you about this.


Today (25th), 22 confirmed cases were confirmed in three elementary, middle and high schools in Bucheon, Gyeonggi-do.

After the start of daily recovery and full school attendance, student infections are on the rise.

[Bucheon Office of Education official: It is (infected) from parents, there are some cases at academies, and there are few cases (infection) occurring in school.] As a

result of analysis of confirmed

cases in the last

4 weeks, under 18 The incidence rate was 99.7 cases per 100,000 people, which was 31% higher than that of adults.

Last year, the rate of confirmed cases in adults was twice that of children and adolescents, but this has been reversed as the gap has narrowed this year.

By school level, middle school had the most, followed by elementary school and high school.

[Choi Eun-hwa/Professor, Department of Pediatrics, Seoul National University Hospital: The incidence rate of high school seniors with high vaccination rates decreased significantly, so the preventive effect of vaccination for high school seniors was evaluated to be high… .]

However, the vaccination completion rate for 12-17 years of age is around 15%.

[High school sophomore student: I was a little worried about the side effects, so my parents told me not to fit in...

.] The

government is encouraging children and adolescents to get vaccinated, stating that the benefits outweigh the side effects.

[Yueunhye / Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Education: we ask our cooperation inoculation involved so you can return to normal daily life, such as restoring the learning gap which was caused by distance learning;

Government and 12 that was planned to complete up to 27 twelve months 17 years We plan to extend the vaccination to January 22 next year to increase the student vaccination rate as much as possible.

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