Recovery certificates given to people who have recovered after being infected with the coronavirus will most likely be valid for 365 days from next week.

The proofs can now be used for another 180 days.

The previously announced change will take effect retroactively.

Anyone who has tested positive at the GGD in the past twelve months will soon be able to request a QR code.

The regulation that was necessary to make this possible has been with the House of Representatives since Monday.

If he agrees, the new period of validity will take effect next week, a spokesperson for the Ministry of Health told

The policy is changing because research has shown that people who have been infected remain immune for longer than previously thought.

In concrete terms, the extension of the term means that more people can use their recovery certificate in places where it is now needed.

This also applies if a 2G certificate is entered at a later date.

In that case, people are only allowed to enter if they have been vaccinated or have been infected.

People who already have a proof of recovery in their CoronaCheck app that is valid for six months can extend the validity by reapplying it with their DigiD in the CoronaCheck app.

The change will only apply to domestic recovery certificates.

QR codes from other EU citizens remain valid for 180 days.

This has been agreed within the European Union.