"Immunization with the drug" Gam-covid-vac-M "forms an antigen - specific cellular anti-infectious immunity in 93.2% of the surveyed volunteers," - reports TASS with reference to the document.

At the same time, it is noted that vaccination poses a risk for patients with autoimmune diseases and malignant neoplasms due to a possible exacerbation of the disease. 

"It should be especially wary of patients with autoimmune pathology, which tends to develop severe and life-threatening conditions," - says the instructions.

On November 24, the Ministry of Health registered Sputnik M, a coronavirus vaccine for children from 12 to 17 years old.

The vaccine consists of two components, which are given 21 days apart.

The registration certificate for the COVID-19 vaccine for adolescents "Sputnik M" is valid for five years - until November 24, 2026.