<Anchor> A group of

people secretly growing cannabis in a country house in a rare place was caught. It turned out that they bought various equipment needed to grow hemp through direct purchase from overseas, and quickly grown hemp within three months.

Reporter Kang So-ra of KNN covered it.

<Reporter> The

police raid a rural house in the hills where there are few people.

Green leaf plants are growing in 60 pots in the room.


Two people, including Mr. A, turned their house into a hemp plant to avoid people's eyes.

Hemp cultivation uses a hydroponics equipment that quickly germinates and grows seeds with sap mixed with nutrients.

Hemp, which takes a year to grow to full growth, was quickly grown in 3 months while accelerating growth using lighting and a hot air heater.

Police believe that they may have attempted to distribute and produce 300 cannabis stocks for one year and five months from February last year using this method.

[Lee Ki-eung/Busan Police Agency Narcotics Investigation Division: Due to the long-term Corona 19 situation, attempts to produce and supply narcotics such as hemp in Korea, and many cases have been detected recently.]

Hemp-growing equipment is brought in overseas several times through direct


The customs officers were suspicious of what they were doing and worked with the police to find it.

[Busan Headquarters Customs Inspector: Even though the same person received it, it was suspicious to bring it in. Also, the items purchased directly from overseas were such items that can grow hemp.] The

police arrested Mr. A on suspicion of hemp cultivation, etc. and trace the distribution routes of cultivated hemp.

(Video coverage: Kim Tae-yong KNN)