WhatsApp is updating its policy on data protection for European users.

In practice, nothing will change, but the service will make it clearer how it handles information from users, the

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The adjustments are made after WhatsApp was imposed a very high fine of 225 million euros in early 2021.

The Irish privacy watchdog found, among other things, that the chat service was not transparent enough about how information from users was shared.

As a result, the company did not comply with European privacy legislation.

WhatsApp now writes down those rules more clearly.

The changes are intended to "provide more detail to our working method" and will only be implemented in Europe.

The rules should include more information about how the company collects and uses data, such as why data is kept, when data is deleted and how it is secured.

Although WhatsApp changes its wording, in practice nothing changes.

"There are no changes to our way of working or to contractual agreements with users," said a spokesperson.

“Users don't have to agree to anything or take any action to continue using WhatsApp.”

The company does not agree with the Irish fine and is therefore appealing.

"We believe that all information was already available to our users."

The service emphasizes that messages are always encrypted and only the sender and receiver can view them.