If you've ever tried to share a video clip of a movie or series from a streaming platform like Netflix or Amazon Prime Video, you've probably noticed that these services prevent users from taking screenshots. screen or film their screen with video capture software.

To share an excerpt with friends or family, until now, you had to be content to tell it, go to YouTube to find, generally illegally, the excerpt in question or film the screen with your telephone.

Amazon, however, seems to have decided to go another way by experimenting with a video clip sharing feature.

To achieve this, simply watch an episode in the Prime Video app on iOS, then click the “Share Clip” button.

This will pause the program and open an edit and share screen.

On networks as on couriers

Prime Video will generate a 30 second clip of the content being watched and allow you to move forward or backward through the clip to select the correct segment.

You will also be able to preview it before sharing it.

Once the content is ready to be sent, just press the “Share” icon and the extract can be sent via Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, iMessage, Messenger and WhatsApp.

For now, the feature is only available to US iPhone users.

In addition, sharing is currently limited to a few specific content.

Among them the first season of

The Boys

, and the series

The Wilds






Amazon specifies that access to the feature will be extended to other countries soon and that other films and series will follow.

However, the company does not seem to indicate that the feature will be made available for all content.


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