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of people who cheated on a rental car business with an expensive imported car and offered to pay 2 million won per month was caught.

It was like buying a car in the name of the victim and disposing of it at will, KNN reporter Kim Min-wook reports.


Police confiscated a luxury SUV from the apartment parking lot.

It is a used vehicle that a fraudulent organization borrowed and purchased as a rental car business.

The fraudulent organization deceived them into giving them 1.5-2 million won per month, or 1% of the car loan, as an investment in the rental car business if they only lend their name to acquaintances with high credit ratings.

Victims were not suspicious because they were driving supercars and pretending to be wealthy.

[Scammer: Whether it’s the appearance or the car, I thought that things were going very well.] In

this way, from August 2017, I made a loan under the name of 81 people for 2 years and 6 months, and 132 luxury imported cars , purchased 11.6 billion won.

Among them, there were about 20 supercars that cost 200 to 300 million won each.

However, they did not run a car rental business and sold them as cannon vehicles to illegal car rental companies.

These crimes were caught while investigating an illegal corporate car rental company that gang members were involved in.

It turns out that most of the proceeds from the crime were spent on supercar purchases and entertainment expenses.

The police arrested five people, including the general manager, in their 30s, on charges of fraud, and charged 52 people without detention and handed them over to the prosecution.

(Video coverage: Kim Tae-yong KNN, screen provided: Busan National Police Agency)