The teams of the NordPass password manager software recently published, on the basis of work by independent researchers, the list of the most used passwords in France in 2021, Numerama reports on Friday.

This list, filled with very weak passwords like every year, is also an opportunity to recall good practices in order to guarantee IT security.

On the ranking podium, there are indeed "123456" (2.1 million hits), "123456789" (nearly 900,000 hits) and "azerty" (nearly 700,000 hits).

These passwords all have the distinction of taking less than a second to be discovered, according to researchers' estimates.

In the list, many other passwords recorded are first names, common names or sequences of numbers, all of which are, again, very easy to obtain by a hacker.

Guarantee IT security

Thus, to ensure the security of its various computer accounts, different tips can be applied. In particular, the CNIL provided a list of good practices in this area. They concern both the creation of the password, the authentication process, the conservation of the codes and their renewal. In addition, the National Information Systems Security Agency has also proposed a secure tool allowing users to estimate the power of their key.

Many secure sites also have restrictions on creating passwords.

Others also offer the passage through strong authentication, as is the case for the most critical accounts (email, bank ...).

Finally, to avoid having to remember complicated keys, it is also possible to use a password manager. 


Preserving anonymity on the web with random email addresses is possible thanks to 1Password


What is a password manager and how do I choose it?

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