Yesterday (18th), after finishing the entrance exam, essay writing and interview by university started. It is a time when we are struggling to formulate an application strategy, but as the CSAT is held for the first time in the literacy department and the number of elective subjects has increased, there are more variables for the examinees to consider.

Reporter Song In-ho reports.

<Reporter> At

a university in Seoul, candidates who have completed an essay exam come out of the exam hall. 

[Lee Yun-seo/Student: It was the day after the entrance exam, so I was very burdened, but I think I did better than I thought… .]

Although it was impossible for confirmed patients to take the test, a separate test center was set up for self-quarantine.

Up to 430,000 students will take the admissions process at each university for two weeks until next weekend.

College admissions briefings from companies specializing in entrance exams have also begun.

This year's CSAT was held for the first time as an integrated type that does not distinguish between liberal arts and science.

Because of this, students in the Department of Liberal Arts were at a disadvantage compared to previous years in the difficult mathematics. 

[Imseongho / Jongno Institute sky Education representatives: doors and the students seem to be set to match the SAT lowest grade in mathematics difficult subjects, are shown to decline the (in time) the passing score]

of the elective questions introduced in the national language and mathematics The difficulty is determined by the difficulty.

This is because even if the raw score is the same, the final score, the standard score, is different.

There are more things to consider when applying. 

[Lee Man-gi/Director of U-Way Educational Evaluation Research Institute: As elective subjects were introduced in Korean and Mathematics and the standardized score system was introduced, it


difficult to know the expected grade cut.]

There may be more cases. 

[Kim Hye-jeong/Parents of Examination Students: I am very anxious because I am a mother of a liberal arts student.] As the

CSAT was difficult and discriminatory power was high, it is expected that the retraining students will be stronger than the current students in the on-time recruitment.

SAT scores will be notified on the 10th of the following month.

(Video coverage: Kim Seong-il, video editing: Kim Jun-hee, VJ: Oh Se-gwan)