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Facebook's messaging app WhatsApp, which has more than 2 billion users, continues to add improvements with every update.

Specifically, the app, which is already part of the Zuckerberg metaverse, something that can be verified by just opening the application, since it appears at the bottom 'from Meta', has shared the modifications that will make life easier on its social networks even more to its users.

Predictive stickers on WhatsApp

Stickers are here to stay, they are so popular that they have even displaced emojis when expressing feelings or ideas during chat conversations.

After the new update, just as the application is capable of predicting the words that follow a sentence after a word, it tries to predict which sticker is the right one according to the conversation.

Preview of what is shared on WhatsApp

This function is very useful and saves you from having to click on a link that is shared from a chat to know where the link leads, for example, if it is a news item, to know the lead, the headline and the photo of it. .

Having a preview of the content, added to a greater space on the screen to see it better, has made this improvement one of the most celebrated.

WhatsApp changes the logo

As we mentioned at the beginning, since the announcement of the Zuckerberg metaverse, all Facebook applications have been signed by Meta.

An ecosystem that will encompass Facebook, Instagram, Messenger and Oculus, which will offer a virtual and alternative world in which to spend leisure time and even have work meetings.

Photo editor on PC version

Until now, the desktop version of WhatsApp, WhatsApp Web, was quite limited in features.

For example, to edit photos, cut them, add text or stickers, you had to resort to third-party applications or the mobile version.

This in the last update has changed and now it is possible to make the same editions both on mobile and PC.

Messages that self-destruct

This new function was already available in another messaging application, Telegram, and finally comes to WhatsApp.

Thanks to this latest update, in the Meta app you can chat, exchange files and videos in a conversation and they will disappear after 24 hours if configured.

Even darker dark mode

Thanks to this latest update, the app's dark mode will be further polished.

For example, the notification bubbles will stop having their typical WhatsApp shade of green and will turn gray so as not to clash with the dark mode and dazzle as little as possible.

WhatsApp Web without the need for a mobile

Until now, to use WhatsApp Web, it was necessary to have the mobile nearby and be connected to the Internet, which limited its use.

The new update of the messaging application includes a new function for its web version, it is no longer necessary to have the mobile phone nearby, although to access for the first time it will be necessary to scan a QR code.

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