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New excavations start this Monday in Issancourt-et-Rumel, in the Ardennes, in an attempt to find the remains of Estelle Mouzin's body.

The girl had been kidnapped and killed by Michel Fourniret in 2003. Monique Olivier, the ex-wife of the serial killer indicted for complicity will be present during this research. 

A new search campaign for the body of Estelle Mouzin, alleged victim of serial killer Michel Fourniret in 2003, is due to open on Monday in the Ardennes, a lawyer and a source close to the investigation said on Friday.

This research of the girl's body in Issancourt-et-Rumel - the eighth in the Ardennes since June 2020 - must take place, like the previous ones, in the presence of Monique Olivier.

A plot still unexploited

This is the fourth time that excavations have taken place in this typical village of 400 inhabitants with yellow brick houses.

The research will take place on a still unexploited plot, filled with beeches and oaks, located further north than the previous ones.

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On site, dog teams must assist the judicial police and Monique Olivier will be present.

The ex-wife of the serial killer indicted for complicity will be extracted from his prison in Fleury-Mérogis.

The septuagenarian indeed told the judge to have accompanied Michel Fourniret to the edge of the communal wood to let him bury the body of the girl.

It remains to be seen if she will manage to revive her memory and remember a detail that could help investigators. 

Fourniret's confession

The village of Issancourt-et-Rumel is located 4 kilometers from Ville-sur-Lumes where, still according to Monique Olivier, Michel Fourniret kidnapped, raped and killed Estelle Mouzin, in a house belonging to her sister.

The child's partial DNA was found in two places on a mattress seized in 2003 from this house.


- EXCLUSIVE - Estelle Mouzin case: what Michel Fourniret confessed

Sentenced to life imprisonment for the murders of seven young women or adolescent girls between 1987 and 2001, Michel Fourniret finally admitted in March 2020 his responsibility in the disappearance of Estelle Mouzin.

He died at 79 in Paris on May 10.